Getting Started with Heir Waterpipe

So you just opened a fresh box with a shiny new Heir Waterpipe inside. This visual guide will help you through your first session.

1. Unbox and Disassemble

Remove your Heir Waterpipe from packaging. Set the bowl piece aside. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the glass chamber. Remove the downstem from the glass chamber and set it aside. Rinse all pieces thoroughly with water before first use. This will remove any particulates from shipping.

2. Fill glass chamber with water and ice

Pour cold water into the chamber, filling to at least 5cm, or 2in. Adding more water may cause excess splashing while smoking, so don’t pour too much. Add ice cubes to the chamber to create an even cooler hit.

3. Re-assemble

Place the downstem back into the glass chamber. Then screw the mouthpiece on. Turn the mouthpiece until hand tight, insuring an air tight seal between all components.

4. Load a bowl

Pack your smoking product of choice, one pinch at a time, into the bowl. Lightly packing the bowl down insures an even smoke. Shown here is an organic blend of mullein and mugwort.

5. Take a hit

Hold Heir Waterpipe in one hand, and the lighter in the other. Exhale before placing your mouth to the mouthpiece.
Next, hold the flame near the corner of the bowl and start to inhale. Smoke will fill the chamber as you continue to draw breath.
If this is your first time, go easy and gauge the size of hit that you enjoy most. No need to impress anyone.
To inhale, lift the bowl piece from the mouthpiece. This is known as “carbing”, and will release air into the chamber and expel the smoke for a hit. 
Note that you don’t always need to keep re-lighting the bowl. Many times it will stay lit, and you can keep pulling smoke into the chamber with just your breath.

6. Clearing Ash

When no more smoke is filling the chamber, you’ve likely “cashed” the bowl. Clear the ash before loading another. The Ash-Kit and Smoke Tool come in handy here.
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