From Aura to Heir (Why the name change?)

Aura Waterpipe launched on on April 20th, 2018. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. An onslaught of web traffic brought our budget website hosting to it’s knees, but in the end we were able to successfully launch sales to our long-patiently-awaiting followers.

I hoped the following weeks would be a reprieve from this hectic opening. This fantasy was rudely disturbed by a cease and desist notice from the holder of the Aura trademark. You see, in the first 2 years of developing Aura Waterpipe, the name brand had not been questioned for it’s trademark-ability. Call it a beginner’s oversight. During pre-launch marketing in 2017, the true Aura trademark owner lay in wait, knowing that one day soon they would hold legal authority to the sales of our products under the Aura name. The trap was sprung when sales for Aura Waterpipe started, and the TM owner’s legal counsel called soon after to notify me about their pending cease and desist action.


A trademark oversight nearly cost us. But there were 30 Days to make amends and change the name.


The situation was plain. We needed a new name, and fast. Some soul searching ensued, followed by a pile of post-it noted name ideas. What do we stand for? We’re young, entering an old market with bold fresh ideas. Heirloom quality. Representing a shift in generational perspectives on this pastime of ours. It all pointed to Heir.

Fast forward through 3 months of an already needed website rebuild (with new hosting of course) and the Aura brand was relaunched as Heir in August 2018. This post is a reflection on the commotion that incited the change, but also an explanation to our earliest followers and customers from the Aura days.

1. We are the same people and company, merging premium product design with the traditional smoking tools we know and love. 

2. Heir is still here for our Aura-ginal (see what I did there) followers! In fact, all our ongoing product developments and improvements are retroactively compatible for those special 300 of you who joined the Aura launch. Our commitment to providing a lifetime quality smoking device through modular design and replaceable components did not stop with the name change.

Big shout out to for supporting the re-design of our graphic identity! Pay a visit to the Studio HMVD website to see more badass work from the Brooklyn duo.

Thanks for reading,


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