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The Handpipe accepts 9mm x 36mm length filters of paper, cotton, or activated carbon/charcoal variety.

10 Carbon Filters are included with the Handpipe. Install one into the Mouthpiece by pressing it down into the cavity. If the filter does not stay in place, push it down into the Mouthpiece a little bit further.

Replace the filter every 3-5 sessions, or as often as desired to keep your hit tasting fresh.

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Filters are not required to smoke the Handpipe, but we prefer them for the benefit of not having particulates come through when inhaling. 

Light the Handpipe with a standard butane lighter, such as a Bic or Clipper lighter. Use Hemp-wick for a gas-free alternative.

Do not use a butane torch lighter with the Handpipe. This refers to any lighter with a continuous jet-flame which is intended for heating the bowl for an extended period. Do not attempt to heat the Handpipe bowl to high temperatures for dabbing or smoking concentrates.

All parts of the Handpipe EXCEPT the Cap can be machine washed. Disable the steam/heat dry part of the cycle on your machine to reduce further wear on them while cleaning. The Cap’s magnet will become demagnetized if exposed to high heat, so do not boil it or use any other high-heat methods to clean it.

To clean the Handpipe by hand, use pipe cleaners dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol to scrub the interior. Rinse with water, and air dry afterwards.

When scrubbing alone won’t do the job, deep clean the Handpipe parts by submerging and soaking them in Isopropyl Alcohol for at least one hour. Then scrub with pipe cleaners, rinse with water, and air dry.

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Heir Handpipe includes a 30-Day Warranty.

30 Day Warranty period begins on the date that the order is delivered. Our warranty applies to defects that render products non-functioning and less than premium quality. Specifically; air tight sealing, fit and finish defects, and non-accidental breakage caused by regular use as described in our User Manual. If we determine at our sole discretion that the claimed defect is covered by our warranty, we will offer a replacement part at no charge. Email support@smokeheir.com with a description of the issue, order number, and picture of the issue, to open a warranty claim.

Returns for full refund are accepted within 30 days of your order’s delivery date, as long as the product is returned unused and in like-new condition. To initiate a return request, email support@smokeheir.com with a description of any issue and your order, and your order number. We will reply to accept or deny your return request based upon the timing and condition of your order. When a return request is accepted, instructions will be provided for return shipping the item(s). Return shipping costs are borne by the customer. Once the returned item(s) are received in good condition, a refund will be processed. Refund processing time can take 5-7 business days from the date the returned package is received.

Replacement parts are available as inventory permits. Please visit smokeheir-wp-backup.com/support/replacements to find a replacement part. If the part you are looking for is not shown, please contact us.

Instructional Videos

Remove the mouthpiece and insert a filter into the cavity. The Handpipe accepts 9mm x 36mm length filters of paper, cotton, or activated carbon/charcoal variety.

Loading and Capping
The Cap magnetically attaches over the Outer Bowl. Before capping a loaded bowl, remove any excess smoking product from the rim of the bowl. Press the cap onto the bowl, and check that it will not slide off by pushing on it from the sides.

Mouthpiece Cleaning
Clean the mouthpiece as often as every 5 smoke sessions. The pipe cleaners will remove any large particulates caught inside. Dip the pipe cleaner in isopropyl alcohol before scrubbing for even more help cleaning resin out.

Bowl Cleaning
Remove the Inner Bowl by gently prying it out from the side with the Smoke Tool. Dump any particulates out of the Outer Bowl, before wiping the inside clean. 70% Isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipes are used here.