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Our reinvention of the classic spoon pipe, featuring a multi-use cap that allows you to take your smoke on-the-go discretely. We combined Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, and Silicone to create the most durable companion possible. Carbon Filters in the mouthpiece stop particulates and allow you to enjoy blissfully smooth hits. Disassembly allows for cleaning with ease. Includes the Smoke Tool, which is a handy assistant for clearing and tamping bowls.


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Rated 5 out of 5
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The Best

Rated 5 out of 5
October 6, 2020

In 50 odd years of indulging this is the most satisfying delivery method I’ve experienced outside of a water pipe. Magnetic lid is pure genius. Exceedingly pleased with purchase


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Materials: Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, Silicone Rubber
Included: Smoke Tool, 10 Carbon Filters, Carrying Sleeve
Size & Weight: 7oz, 6 Inches

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Smoking Stand

The Cap creates a stable platform to hold the pipe while loading a bowl by magnetically attaching to the base. Also looks cool on display this way.

Discrete Storage

Cap magnetically seals over the bowl to keep it’s contents secure when on the go. Also helps keep smell contained at the end of a session.

Ashing Plate

Easily clear ash from the bowl by capping it and tapping it onto a hard surface while face down, freeing ash into the dish on the inside of the cap.

Filter Friendly

Accepts 9mm cotton or carbon filters for smooth and choke-free hits

Cleanable Assembly

Complete access to the inside of the bowl and mouthpiece allows for easy cleaning

Lifetime Durability

Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Zirconia Ceramic parts survive any journey

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